Direct Debit is the most widely used form of payment other then cash for most European countries. Citizens of most countries in the EU pay their daily bills via this method. Rent, electricity, phone, internet are all paid directly to the biller via the Direct Debit method.

As this method of payment is most popular, Webbilling Payments B.V. has developed over the last 11 years a solid foot hold in this billing market. Having successfully billed Hundreds of Millions of Euros in transactions over the years via Direct Debit for their own sites, Webbilling Payments B.V. is the leader in Online Direct Debit billing.

We are now offering this billing solution to our clients via Webbilling Payments B.V. so that you may take advantage of the lucrative European market. With less then a 20% market penetration of credit cards in Europe there is a great need for another billing solution to capitalize on this growing market. Until now phone billing has been the most popular feature. But with lower payouts from phone providers and surfers less willing to incur large charges on their phone bill Direct Debit is the solution to enable you to bill on a recurring basis your price point B.V. offers this service only to Payment Processing Service Providers (IPSPs) and to large Sponsor Programs with a monthly revenue of more than 100,000 USD. Contact us today at

If you do not exceed the 100,000 revenue limit, please contact an IPSP at your choice.

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